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Episode 30 - Season of Lent Part 30

We may have missed the Last Supper, but we have a coming dinner reservation to look forward to. In today's podcast, Pastor Matt explores the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


Episode 25 - Season of Lent Part 25


Episode 24 - Season of Lent Part 24

In today's podcast, Pastor Matt continues looking at the Parable of the Vine Growers.


Episode 23 - Season of Lent Part 23

The religious leaders of Jesus didn't understand the source of salvation. In the parable of the vine growers, Jesus begins to set the record straight.


Episode 22 - Season of Lent Part 22

The parable of the vineyard painted a picture of God's relationship with Israel. Today, Pastor Matt looks at what can happen when the vine growers get greedy.


Episode 21 - Season of Lent Part 21

In today's devotional, Pastor Matt begins a multi-part study on Mark Chapter 12 and the Parable of the Vineyard.


Episode 20 - Season of Lent Part 20

Jesus was constantly busy and on the move, but as Amber Tafao shows us, He always had time for people.


Episode 19 - Season of Lent Part 19

In this Podcast, Amber Tafao shares the importance of being prepared.


Episode 18 - Season of Lent Part 18

Are you tethered to a life of habit? In this Podcast, Amber Tafao shares about a Biblical truth that was revealed by group of pigeons.


Episode 17 - Season of Lent Part 17

The two Mary's faced the ultimate sorrow on the first Easter Sunday. In this Podcast, Amber Tafao reminds us of how their sorrow was turned into unspeakable joy.


Episode 16 - Season of Lent Part 16

In part 16 of The Season of Lent, Amber Tafao looks at the classic church hymn "Jesus Paid it All." Today's devotional is being read by Pastor Matt.


Episode 15 - Season of Lent Part 15

In this Podcast, Amber Tafao looks at the dangers of being a "Sunday Christian". Today's devotional is being read by Pastor Matt.


Episode 14 - Season of Lent Part 14

Travel and family are an important part of this time of year. Amber Tafao looks at the Passover and the importance of strengthening the family bond. Today's devotional is being read by Pastor Matt.


Episode 13 - Season of Lent Part 13

Easter baskets are everywhere these days. In this Podcast, Pastor Matt shares the devotional written by Amber Tafao which reveals how this grew out of European traditions.


Episode 12 - Season of Lent Part 12

Many people grew up with the tradition of receiving new "Easter Clothes". Amber Tafao examines this in Part 12 of The Season of Lent.


Episode 11 - Season of Lent Part 11

May people associate Easter with the dying of eggs. Amber Tafao looks at the origins of this tradition in today's podcast.


Episode 10 - Season of Lent Part 10

In this Podcast, Amber Tafao explores the symbolism of the color purple.


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